Offline SCORM, it’s not just for mobile anymore!

A while back, we introduced some new software development kits that work with mobile apps and SCORM Engine to allow you deliver and track SCORM content from your mobile app—even when it’s offline.

We’ve just taken it a step further, with a new SDK that lets users download and take SCORM courses from their desktop/laptop, even when a network connection isn’t available.


Whether you have a Windows or OSX app, our new SDK works with your App, LMS, and the SCORM Engine to download SCORM courses, play and track them (online or offline), and send the results back to the LMS once a network connection is available again.

Click here to learn more about desktop/offline SCORM, or get in touch if you’d like to have a conversation about it.

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  • Do not MISS OUT! Android is everywhere!

  • Hi,

    How much does the SDK cost?
    Is it compatible with Moodle LMS?

  • Tammy Rutherford

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for checking out our Offline Player SDKs! The SDKs work specifically with the SCORM Engine player. Engine is an on premise software and can be integrated with a Moodle platform. Once you have your Engine +Moodle integration set up, the Offline SDKs will then sit between your native mobile app/s and your Engine+Moodle server side.

    I’m happy to talk through the details with you- feel free to drop us a line to set up a call!