Chat me, maybe?

As my bio would suggest, I’m the office talker. I talk faster, louder and more frequently than everyone here in the office. This fact also explains why I get teased about my Southern accent, but that’s neither here nor there. If this was a “loudest laugh” contest, it would be a tie between Freddie and TJ. When it comes to talking, I take the cake.

So instead of bothering the people around here with my chatter, I’ve decided to make my talkative nature more productive. I’m taking my talking to the Cloud. You can now chat with me LIVE about all things SCORM Cloud Monday – Friday. I’m usually around my desk from about 9am- 5pm Central time. I wish I could be available all the time, but hey, a girl’s gotta sleep sometime, right?

That should give us enough time each day to talk about all the awesome things SCORM Cloud can do and hopefully, I’ll be able to help answer some questions along the way. Each chat will generate a support ticket with us, so if you need to follow up or have other questions, our support staff is there to help you out.

You can find me hanging out in the Help button on the SCORM Cloud support page. It looks like this….

Chat with Us

So pop on over and chat me, maybe? It’s awfully lonely in there without you.

  • Roopendra

    Can we integrate SCORM with Codeigniter framework ?

  • Ray

    Had an interesting request from a client as follows:

    Can scorm supply:

    – ability for learner to record audio and submit via totara (can a scorm
    object do this?)

    – ability to “chat” with learner (this may happen using
    something like skype) but they will likely also in the future want to record.

    Any suggestions?

  • Anvesh T

    Can we integrate SCORM with Codeigniter framework ?

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