Thirteen years ago, a collection of like-minded folks gathered to find a better way for eLearning systems to work well together. Philip Dodds, Claude Ostyn, and many others gave their time to solve problems like resuability and interoperability. They looked at the best technology and standards of the day, they imagined how people would use eLearning content over the coming years, and they created SCORM.

Over those thirteen years, SCORM has been a massive success. Thousands upon thousands of courses have been exchanged between systems that didn’t play well together prior to SCORM’s creation. Thousands upon thousands of dollars have been saved by companies that bought a piece of content once and used it in many contexts. And many, many business have been created.

So I’ll just say it. Thanks to those of you who imagined, built, and nurtured SCORM.

  • Erich Renken

    I’ve been using Claude’s SCORM Test Wrapper for as long as I can remember and it’s helped me debug countless SCORM courses. It’s a testament to the times what an impact someone can have on you who you’ve never met. Thank you, Rustici Software, for continuing his legacy by providing useful (and free) tools that make my job a lot easier.

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