We need to talk…

Project Tin CanOver a year ago, we started working with ADL to figure out where SCORM should go next. There were many roads that ADL could have gone down, and they’ve chosen ours — Project Tin Can.

We’ve been building and refining the Tin Can spec and our prototypes for a while now, and it’s time for you to see what we’ve been doing. It’s also time for you to share your thoughts on Project Tin Can with ADL and find out how you can contribute.

You’re all invited to join ADL on Thursday, April 5 at 2:30pm ET for the Project Tin Can kick off meeting. You can join right from your computer. Sign up here. You can count on hearing our voices there, too.

ADL will be sharing details about Tin Can, the schedule for release, and many other things as well.

If you want to get started before then (or just want to talk shop,) email us at tincan@scorm.com. We’re happy to help you become an early adopter of Project Tin Can.

  • Pedro Velarde

    I am currently using Moodle 1.9.17 . ¿How can your TC project work with my LMS?

  • Pedro.

    Thanks for checking it out. Ideally, someone who works on the Moodle codebase will get involved with Tin Can and create an LRS implementation in Moodle (although I would guess the work would be done with Moodle 2+).

    We may, at some point, extend our Moodle SCORM Cloud plugin to include some Tin Can capability as well. Is that something that would be of interest to you?

  • Bremnerr

    I’d like to see a plug-in for Joomla as well as TinCan seems better suited to work with an CMS than existing LMSs.