Proud To Be Different

Back-to-back. For the third year in a row, the Nashville Business Journal thinks we are one of the best places in town to work. I’m not normally driven by ego, awards or praise, but this is an award I hope to never lose.

There aren’t enough companies in this world that trust their employees, that treat them like adults and that let them live their lives outside the office. This is one area where I am proud to be different.

  • Hey man I totally understand the pride in your open company. We here at Classy Llama have a very similar style to the one I saw described in your job description post. If you would like to chat some time about the culture and both benefits and challenges that you’ve found with this type of culture, I would love to do so some time.

  • Sharleen Rustici

    And we, your parents, are tremendously proud of you for it! Your employees are very fortunate. I’d take bets they know it, and work very hard at their jobs as a result.
    Congratulations, Mike!!

  • Sandra Enos

    Dear Mike,
    I am an old high school friend of your mothers and she sent this wonderful news along to me. I am also a professor of sociology in a business school and we encourage students to become business leaders who champion values that the ones that you’re recognized for. Congratulations! This is a great award.
    Sandra Enos in Rhode Island

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