10K+ WordPress plugins, one SCORM player


More than 10,000 plugins available for WordPress and we’re your first, best and only option for using SCORM. Which we should be. This is kind of our spot, after all.

All that to point out that SCORM Cloud is officially in the WordPress plugin directory, which makes it just that much easier to install and get going. Just search for SCORM and … well, it’s in a class by itself there. College class, instructional design portfolio, sales training – all easy to execute now.

We’ve heard from lots of you who are excited about using this plugin. But we want to hear more about how you’re using it and what other plugins make it more valuable. Do you tie it to BuddyPress? Have you figured out a clever connection to [some related posts]? Making money with a tie to Aweber?

I’m compiling a list to be part of our WordPress section to show off your sites and the smart ways you’re putting our plugin to use. If you’ve deployed the SCORM Cloud plugin, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

  • Dave


    I am new to site building in WordPress. I tried loading your plug-in onto my site, but I get a “Fatal Error” message when it displays. I followed the instructions on your tutorial and it worked once. When posting, the SCORM Cloud icon does not appear as an option on the View list, but it does appear on the HTML list. It could very well be me, as I am new to site building. Who can I contact for help? My site is too new to view but I can forward the exact message I receive. Thanks.

  • Dave. Thanks for trying things out with us. You can submit a ticket to us anytime at support.scorm.com. There will be times where we’ll only provide support for paying customers, but I suspect you could probably get some help without paying today. 😉 Just email support@scorm.com and describe your problem in great detail and we’ll see what we can do to help.