Step away from the LMS, please

When we talk about SCORM Cloud, we usually talk about taking SCORM outside the LMS. Take learning anywhere online. Connect learners to learning.

Well, to date, we’ve still been connecting to LMSs with modules for open source learning management systems like Moodle and Sakai. But now we’ve taken that first step away from the LMS with a WordPress plug-in that allows you to offer a SCORM course right from a post or page or sidebar list.

We’re still testing it out, writing up instructions and so forth, but by next week (maybe sooner?), we fully expect to have all our ducklings in neat rows and ready to go for full release. To tide you over until then, here’s a look at how I used it on a test blog. Just by pushing a button and picking my course, I was able to add a course directly into a blog post and registered learners can click the button and launch the course right from the post.

Screen shot 2010-07-20 at 9.33.21 AM

Now, if you just can’t wait and want to try out the beta version, you can go ahead and download it to check it out. Screencasts to walk you through some of it are on the way available in our YouTube playlist. We’d love to hear what you think about the direction we’ve taken with this.

  • This is HUGE! The missing piece to my WordPress (WP) puzzle.

    I worked with it some today and it looks like it is going to work for me. Looks like you can assign users to courses based on their WP role.

    This is good because I am using the amProtect plug-in to control access on my WP site with aMember. This plug-in does many things, one of which is to assign a role to each user for each subscription product they have.

    Basically it means I can automate the access and ecommerce for the SCORM Cloud delivered courses with my current system.

  • this is amazing ,
    could you tell when it’ll be out of beta and become fully functionally .

  • Susan Lewis

    We’re hoping to officially release next week as we get everything on the to-do list tidied up.

  • Susan Lewis

    Thrilled that we are able to fill that gap for you, Grant! And to hear just exactly how you plan to use it. Helps us now just how to prioritize features, etc.