OK. We trust you. We’re lowering SCORM Cloud prices for big accounts.

SCORM Cloud is a relatively new product, and new products need prices and pricing schemes. So we picked one. We promised ourselves, though, that we would listen to our customers and prospective customers (the market) and that we would be willing to change that pricing structure if we needed to.

Well, I’m happy to announce today that we are raising prices across the board! You all seem to think the product is too cheap… wait, stop, hold on. I’m kidding. Nobody ever wants something to be more expensive.

Soooo, we’re lowering the price of every registration beyond the first 300 each month. Once you reach the “Big” plan ($300/month for up to 300 registration), there’s no bigger plan. We simply charge you $0.50 per registration for the next 700 registrations, and $0.25 per registration after that.

So, an example might help here. If your organization launched 1500 courses for the first time in March, you would be charged $300 (your basic fee) + $0.50 * 700 + $0.25 * 500 = $775 for the month.

Enjoy the reduced pricing. And if you have concerns or questions, or simply wish were doing something differently, tell us. We’re obviously open to your ideas.

Note: The new pricing scheme will be deployed next week sometime, and will affect your next bill, not this one.

Further Note: The new pricing scheme is now in effect.  (March 25, 2010)

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