You want to work here…

“You want to work here.” That’s how we’ve always begun our job postings, and we constantly strive to live up to that promise. Being a great place to work is at the essence of Rustici Software. Tim and I want to create a company that we enjoy working on everyday and where others are just as pleased. We think we’ve done a pretty darn good job, but we’re pleased to see that others agree. Last month, the Nashville Business Journal announced that it too thinks Rustici Software is one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work. So thank you NBJ. And thank you employees…it’s really easy to create a great company when you have a group of talented and driven folks making you look good!

  • srinivas

    Hi Sir,

    Can you give me more specification that needed for this job??

    Thank you,

  • Thanks for your interest… The best place to get an understanding of what we look for is here.

  • Great blog and an even greater way to keep folks with a job. My hats off to you sir.

  • Livio Melfi

    Rustici, I do not know if you know what is the italian meanings of the term “rustici”. “Rustici” is something that you eat, very very yummy. And so looks like your company: yummy. I work in the e-learning field since 2001 and if I decide, one day to cross the ocean, I will let you know, Mike

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