"I dislike the concept of the standalone LMS."

We are moving from [commercial hosted LMS] to [open source LMS] for now. But I really am looking at SCORM Cloud as a way to integrate the serving and tracking of training modules into our customer service portal, website and software. I dislike the concept of the standalone LMS.

–A prospect, via email, today

Let me say first, I totally understand the value of an LMS. To this point, we’ve built our entire business around LMSs and the content they deliver. I believe they still have a place, and they provide excellent value… for the right organization.

I also believe that there are companies, schools, and organizations that simply don’t have a need for a full fledged LMS. This is one great case for the SCORM Cloud… This prospect could easily embed the SCORM Cloud as a part of her HR system. In what system could you embed SCORM delivery?

(Now we wait and see if our prospect takes the bait!)

  • Mhunter

    I know that for many organizations, an LMS is imperative. For example, medical institutions really need to ensure and track that healthcare workers get proper training, from a legal as well as practical perspective. On the other hand, LMSs are an easy target to bash, because we all get frustrated by them. So thanks for tempering my frustrations with your well thought-out perspective.