Help Us Evolve SCORM Test Track

We are considering the possibility of an update to Test Track and want to get your feedback on what it should include. Please take a few minutes to take our Test Track Improvements Survey.

When we released SCORM Test Track a few years ago, we had no idea it would be this popular. We currently have over 10,000 users with dozens more signing up every day. Test Track has come to be a critical application for many in the community and we take that responsibility seriously. Please help us to make it even more valuable.

  • Dave Mozealous

    Please Please Please add support for testing AICC content 🙂

    The AICC test suite provided by the AICC is horrible, and your test track has become the standard for testing content. Would be awesome to see the same thing for AICC.

    From a marketing standpoint it would be awesome to see you build some cool reports on the back end too. To show users who wanted to use your SCORM Engine what was possible with their existing content.

  • Hi Mike,

    Here is my shortlist:

    1.Timestamps in SCORM logs as the default.
    2. Real time logging so you can see the log being generated as you test the course.
    3. Ability to edit/manipulate the bookmark data the LMS returns to the course so that we can simulate the bad behaviour of other LMS.