Heading back to school

Whoops! Realize I never said hi or introduced myself. Just kind of jumped into the blog. So hi. Glad to meet you.

We’ve been heading back to school for a couple of weeks now in these parts. (I realize most of you Yankees won’t be in school until next week. Slackers.) Lots of meet the teacher, find your locker, figure out where your new homeroom is, buy books and supplies.

I’m a long time out of school myself, but the past month or so has been a similar experience for me. New homeroom (literally, since I’m working out of my house), new teachers and classmates to figure out, new subjects to tackle. Suddenly, my reading material includes words like pedagogy, sequencing, manifest, interactions, learning objectives, and my head is swimming.

My new teachers not only include Mike and Tim but Aaron Silvers, Mary Cooch, Tony Karrer, Cammy Bean and about 100 others. I’m absorbing what SCORM is and does while also exploring what makes e-learning tick and tock.

It’s an interesting crossroads – applying something I know and love (marketing and social media) to a field I’ve never played in before (Wait! What is it we do again?). Kind of like attending a new school, but taking the same classes you had the year before.

So … all my pencils are sharpened and I’m ready to learn, take notes and mostly listen to what you have to say. What would you like to teach me?