Why you should go ahead and update your website

We spent nearly a year updating our website. It was an arduous process, worked around our daily chores, but let me tell you, it was worth it. We’ve been linking to our own website constantly as people ask us questions we’ve answered before. That in its own right would be enough to make me feel like it was worth it.

But check this out…

Weekly Website Usage - scorm.com

We released the new version of our site on March 20. In the 52 weeks leading up to March 2009, we had never had a week with more than 6200 pageviews (excluding TestTrack entirely). Since the release, we’ve had weeks of 7300, 8700, 9400, 9200, 12,000, 12,300, and 11,400. Unique visits are up as you can see.

And not only that, our effectiveness is way up. The average time on site is up from about 1:55 to about 3:20. The bounce rate is down from the mid 50’s to the mid 40’s. These are statistically significant changes.

First off, thanks for the interest. We’re thrilled that the site is seemingly more useful for you now. And second, if you’re wondering whether updating your site and sharing information with the public is wise, it is. Go for it.

Later: Also of note, people seem remarkably uninterested in SCORM around the holidays. What gives, folks?

  • Jason Haag

    You can’t fit SCORM software into a stocking 😉 Excellent job on the website update! Did the developer use wordpress for your entire site or just your blog?

  • Thanks, Jason. The “developer”, meaning Mike and I, use WordPress for the whole thing. We had some cosmetic minded folks, Cabedge, do the graphic design, and then we applied that as a WordPress theme. And then we spent forever writing additional content.

  • Thanks for the kind words Tim. We were as excited as you were to see the recent relaunch. It was a welcome addition to our portfolio.

    Chris Blanz
    [head of cabedge]

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