Joel on Servanthood

Joel Spolsky is a bit of an icon in the software development world. His blog and conferences are wildly popular, and, for the most part, Mike and I buy into a lot of what he has to say. In a recent article published in Inc. magazine, he had this to say.

“In our company, management’s job is to get things out of the way so that all the great people we’ve hired can get work done.”

I couldn’t agree more. Whether this means drawing the line for our clients with regard to our responsibilities or breaking down the boxes from our new furniture to get them out of the office, that’s what our job is in management. (Frankly, it’s hard on me to describe myself with that word; it carries such negative connotations for me from prior employers.)

Joel has accomplished a great deal, but seriously, Joel, we all know you’re not this tall…

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