eLearning is evolutionary, I guess

This video, found via twitter posts from @moodler and previously @ralfh is fun to watch. Created in 1967 and complete with content, assessment, and remediation, it certainly shows us that the ideas we’re playing with now aren’t new ones.

At a minimum, I hope we’ve progressed far enough on ergonomics that we would tell the kid to face the TV when he’s watching it… Poor kid’s gonna have a major crick in his neck before long…

  • Brian Caudill

    I agree that the kid should be facing the TV. It seamed that he was not real interested in the subject matter. Not so much different today 🙂

    It is kind of interesting that in 1967 they thought we would have wall sized TVs in our houses and that it would take several computers to teach a lesson. Yet there would only be 2 input keys “y” and “x”. And why are the “y” and “x” out of alphabetical order?