SCORM Engine in Saba

Earlier this year, Rustici Software and Saba embarked on a joint project to integrate the SCORM Engine with the Saba Learning Suite. This project showed the US Army that it is be possible to integrate our SCORM Untethered offline player into the Army’s ALMS (which is powered by Saba). Wisely, Saba decided that instead of doing a one-off integration, they would productize an API that would allow us (and other vendors) to integrate with the Saba LMS.

Saba has now officially released this API as part of their “Content Integration Framework”. It is available out of the box in Saba Learning Suite v5.4 SP3.

Anybody can now have the best of breed SCORM support offered by the the SCORM Engine in their Saba LMS. The SCORM Engine is widely recognized as the most compatible SCORM implementation on the market. If you have having problems with or errors in your Saba LMS, the SCORM Engine is an excellent solution for delivering SCORM 1.1, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004 (2nd and 3rd Edition) and even AICC content. The SCORM Engine is always kept up to date with the most recent SCORM updates and releases. It is an excellent way to future proof your LMS.

This API also allows integration of SCORM Untethered, the most versatile offline player technology available. SCORM Untethered allows you to support virtually any offline delivery scenario and includes support for all SCORM versions on both Windows and Linux platforms.

  • Chris H

    I know this is an old post, I picked it up on a search of “Saba Tin Can” Does this mean that a client of mine with the latest (2012) saba LMS will be able to monitor use of an eBook on a mobile device as a learning event (using Tin Can API) and in brief what might they need to do?

  • Not quite. The integration we did isn’t a core part of the Saba offering so it’s not available out of the box. It could probably still be deployed as an add-on, but that integration has a bit of dust on it at this point. You should touch base with Saba to see what their plans for supporting Tin Can are.

  • Chris H

    Thanks Mike, I will do that.

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