SCORM 2.0 Feedback Deadline Approaching

Nine days and counting until the deadline for submitting a white paper to LETSI outlining what you’d like to see in SCORM 2.0. Speak now or forever hold you peace.

I’ll be submitting three papers in the coming days:

“SCORM: The Baby and the Bathwater” – What I think SCORM has done really well over the years that should be maintained (the baby) and where I think SCORM has come up short and needs cleaning up, or perhaps cleaning out (the bathwater).

“Reuse and Sequencing: Do we still want them?” – A discussion starter which asks the community to take a fresh look at some of the assumptions SCORM was build on.

“Sensible Sequencing” – The foundation and concepts of a better sequencing specification for SCORM 2.0.

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