Legal Documents

As the primary salesperson here at Rustici Software, I find myself discussing contracts with our prospects and their lawyers with some regularity. Our products are less than typical in that they exist in the context of our customers’ products, so our licenses are a bit odd as well. We’ve made every effort to keep them as straightforward as we can. This is the next step in that effort.

I’ve taken our basic legal document and tried to explain everything about it (so far as my feeble non-lawyer mind allows.) At one point, I thought we might just share this with our prospects during the contracting process. Then, it occurred to us that we might as well make it public. We certainly aspire to be transparent in how we do business. If you’re a prospect (or a customer!) feel free to check this out and understand where we’re coming from. I’m more than happy to discuss it with you as well.

Click here to see the annotated document itself.

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