Another Certified LMS

One message I’ve been delivering to our customers and prospects a lot lately is this… partial SCORM conformance might actually be worse than no SCORM conformance. If you’re going to bother with SCORM at all, be sure that you finish the job so that you can reap the benefits of interoperability and compatibility.

One customer who obviously took that to heart was ELogic Learning. ELogic has licensed two of our products, the SCORM Engine and SCORM Untethered. The news of the day, though, is that ELogic’s eSSential version 8.22 was recently certified by ADL. Check out the formal certification notice here. Completing an LMS certification is no small task, and we congratulate ELogic on their accomplishment.

We’re also excited to note that no fewer than three of the first twelve LMS’s certified for SCORM 2004 3rd Edition use the SCORM Engine as their delivery mechanism.