Convert C# to Java Source Code

The users of our SCORM Engine predominantly run their LMS’s on the Windows platform. To best serve their needs we coded the SCORM Engine using C# on the ASP.NET platform. We’ve long known that we were ignoring the significant population of customers who prefer to develop using Java and deploy to Linux (or any other non-Microsoft platform). We investigated several solutions for supporting these customers and came up with some okay alternatives that allowed us to fulfill the customer need, but they all had one shortcoming or another. Back in November we embarked on an ambitious project to convert the SCORM Engine from C# to Java….automatically. We tapped the expertise of Kevin Glynn to develop a tool which automatically converts C# source code to Java source code and I’m proud to announce that it is complete. We now have a tool capable of translating C# to Java at the source code level. This tool will allow us to support both major platforms concurrently while only maintaining a single code base and still providing full source code to our clients. Initial tests show that the Java version of the SCORM Engine performs comparably to the .Net version and in some cases is even faster. The technology is amazing and we may offer it to others in the future. For now it is just an internal tool, but if you have an interest in it, please let us know as we are batting around the idea of commercializing it or releasing it as an open source product. More info available here.

  • Ed Dodds

    Open source/freeware would be excellent! Naming contest? “Dot Net Duke”?

  • Eric Barnes

    As an independant Java consultant, of course I support OpenSource…but any way you choose to share would more than likely be helpful. Working on a project now that has .NET clients talking to Java services. Would be nice to have a common set of business Objects which could be shared between both sides….