We’re really excited to announce our new relationship with Learning.com. They are the leading company promoting digital literacy and facilitating critical 21st century learning and teaching through proven, engaging and powerful online curriculum and assessment products, as well as exceptional implementation services.

Learning.com’s path to working with Rustici Software started with their desire to adopt a more standards-based approach. By pursuing this approach, they figured they would be able to expand their portfolio of products even more quickly. We couldn’t agree more.

Doug Stein, VP of Development and Technology, sought out Rustici Software for a variety of reasons. He noted that we are “dedicated to all aspects of SCORM – not only ‘tracking’ it, but driving its development with an eye to increasing its value to users and creators,” “small enough to be nimble and responsive,” and that we have “proven highly-scalable implementations.” Watch for the inclusion of the SCORM Engine in Learning.com’s EasyTech product in a subsequent release.

We’re truly honored to be providing the SCORM Engine for a company that is a leader in 21st century learning and teaching.

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