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UX Ombudsman

I (Tim) believe a couple of things very strongly:

  • We have a massive opportunity and an interesting set of problems in front of us. I believe that wholeheartedly. (Get the basics at
  • We are severely lacking in design, influence and polish at many, many levels. We’re a company founded by developers, with a bunch of developers around pretending like they can get by on design. That is false. We really can’t. So we’re seeking help.

I’m finicky about design. I care a lot about it (more than most here) which means that we’re going to want to find someone with whom we can work well, who has expertise.

Well, basically, we need to find someone who’s really good at this job. It also means that I will really value that person when we find them.

If you’re interested, send us
  • Why you want this job
  • Proof of your abilities
  • Stories, links, etc… something that conveys your competence
  • A resume, if you want
  • Email to: