About Us

About Us

Rustici Software creates products that simplify conforming with learning standards like SCORM and AICC. While other companies tolerate them, we embrace the standards and their intent. Really, this is all we do.

“What does your company look like?”

It’s a fair question. These days, many software companies consist of two guys in a spare bedroom. For us, that was 10 years ago. Today we’re a 20 person company focused entirely on SCORM and other learning standards. This is a size we would like to maintain. We’re small enough to provide fantastic support and personal interaction, yet large enough to have the horsepower to take on complex tasks.

We’ve been solving SCORM problems exclusively since 2002, and we’re continuing to pave the way for e-learning standards with the Tin Can API. We’re profitable; we carry no debt. We’ll be here innovating on learning systems years from now. This is a company you can trust. We sell products that work.

“Tell me a story…”

Years ago, we posted our first job ad. It read something like this… a story. We’d seen enough job ads citing a list of technologies and experience, and they didn’t seem to bring in interesting candidates. A story, on the other hand, changed the outcome. Stories like this have served to qualify our candidates here ever since because they are genuine and effective.

As we reviewed countless “About us” pages before writing this website, we found that they all said the same things, to the point that they really didn’t say anything. Yes, obviously, we believe in providing fantastic customer service, and “creating shareholder value” would be lovely, but are those meaningful goals? Do you, as our prospective partner, learn anything from those comments?

So, we tell stories. Our stories, posted on our blog, tell you how we behave, what we care about, how we really operate our business over a period of time. If the picture painted by these stories is that of a company with which you’d like to work, you’re in the right place. If these stories scare you off, then you probably wouldn’t like working with us anyhow… because these stories are genuine.

Stories about our “Culture”…

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