SCORM Driver Pricing

Outsource this problem one course at a time, or bring the knowledge and the tools in house.

SCORM Driver


SCORM Driver is free for
non-commercial use.

The free version

If you’re not making money from SCORM Driver, then we want you to be able to use it for free. If more people are using SCORM Driver to give their content the best standards support possible, then the world is a happier place. If you want to use Driver for non-commercial use, just sign up for a free SCORM Cloud account, and you’ll find the download link in the “Add Content” section.

If it turns out that you’re doing a pretty serious SCORM Driver integration and you need our support, or you’ve tried out SCORM Driver and decide that you want to use it for commercial purposes, then you’ll want to start using the paid version (which is done by just letting us know that you want to use it for commercial purposes or that you need support.)

The paid version

“Just give me the tool, I can do this myself…”

Many of our clients seek to convert an entire library of courses, or even alter the output of a production tool to produce conformant courses. If you’re looking to convert several courses, you’re probably best served by a “SCORM Driver Library License”. This is offered as a perpetual license against a specific library of courses or authoring tool for a price of $15,000.

If you need our help, it’s available to you. The SCORM Driver license includes our support and updates during your implementation. If you’d like us to convert one of the courses for you as a template, we’re happy to. If you have basic questions about SCORM and AICC, we can answer those as well. Getting you started in the right direction pays dividends for us from that point forward.

If you just need the SCORM Driver for a single course, the base license fee is $2,000.

“Oooh, I want no part of this. Can’t you do it for me?”

Absolutely, we’d love to take care of it for you if that’s what you prefer.

We expect that the courses provided to us will be complete, i.e. ready for delivery to a client. Navigation, images, production, it should all be complete before we get started. We are not a production house. We simply “SCORM-ify” what you’ve already put together so well.

While our pricing on the SCORM Driver itself is straightforward, we simply find it to be impossible to price content conversions without reviewing the content. Courses vary wildly, and pricing has to vary on occasion to allow for that. In most cases, we only charge the base license fee of $2,000 for a straightforward course (of less than an hour). If you’d like to know what your course in particular will cost, simply send it along for us to review.

“What if my course is Flash?”

We don’t officially support Flash courses with SCORM Driver. We’ve done them in the past, and we have Flash extensions to help you with SCORM-ifying your Flash courses. We’ll give you those for free with a SCORM Driver license.

“Are we on our own from there?”

Absolutely not. In no way. During the first year, we will be there for all of your questions. We’ll even be happy to help you as you take on your first integration with an LMS. We want your content to be successful every time you deploy it, and we are going to do everything we can to make that happen.

After the first year, we offer optional maintenance agreements. For 20% of your initial license cost annually, you are entitled to third tier support and code updates. In most cases, the time we save you when you encounter your first “rogue LMS” will pay for the entire support cost.


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