Looking for a new way to do SCORM in Ilias?

Make your Ilias installation SCORM conformant with a player from people who do nothing but SCORM.

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Ilias now.

scorm for Ilias


SCORM Cloud + Ilias = SCORM that works!


Note: Our Ilias/SCORM Cloud integration is still available, but we don’t offer active support for it any more.

Actually, we’re pretty impressed with how well ILIAS has done in implementing SCORM. Didn’t keep us from doing our own integration though! With the SCORM Cloud mod, you get all the tricky stuff in one package – SCORM 1.2, 2004 and AICC conformance – with simple installation and great support. The Ilias Mod is free, but there are fair prices for the use of SCORM Cloud.

Just how simple is it? Here’s all you have to do:


Create Account

Before you get started adding files, you’ll need to get a SCORM Cloud account set up so you can get your app_id and secret key. You’ll need those to activate your installation. There are several pricing levels available to meet your needs, including a free trial level to let you play and test.


Download & Install

So you’ll need to get the .zip file that has the Ilias mod files in it. Expand the zip, copy files into the appropriate places, then activate the mod. (And yes, we have more detailed instructions if you would like a walk-through.)


Import Content

Now this part, you’re probably already familiar with. The big difference you’ll notice is that “Learning Module SCORM Cloud” is now in your list of options in the repository, in addition to the regular SCORM option.