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We see two distinct ways to innovate learning standards. One is to push the community forward by developing and evangelizing emerging standards. We do this all the time. The other is to create and deploy new approaches around existing standards.

Our SCORM Engine powers content launch for the vast majority of LMSs in the world. Our SCORM Driver is used by all but one of the largest rapid authoring tools and countless content creators.

Today we’re announcing Content Controller. We believe that content providers have been underserved. Limitations imposed by SCORM have discouraged innovation that can help them realize the value of their compelling content.


Many industries have transitioned to “as a Service” models. Software as a Service is quite familiar, and Infrastructure as a Service and Platforms as a Service are well on their way too. In each case, customers are able to leave more of the problems to their providers, and providers are able to iterate much more quickly and proficiently than their customers. Providers are also able to generate long term recurring revenue by this model.

In the elearning world, content has long been deployed physically, as digital assets, from content provider to customer. While this has long been required by SCORM’s architecture, it also created real issues.

  • LMSs are prone to have duplicate and out of date content.

  • Customers are liable to use content well beyond its licensed period and/or licensed number of learners.

  • Content providers are blind not only to the utilization of their content, but to the value of it.

Content Controller addresses all of these issues by allowing the content provider to host their content centrally while deploying it for use by their customers. Built on top of our existing SCORM Dispatch product (meaning this is well vetted), Content Controller circumvents SCORM’s limitations to allow both provider and customer to have what they need. This allows Content Controller customers to offer Content as a Service (CaaS).

Content Controller provides version management, license management, content analytics, and sophisticated equivalencies that allow content owners and their customers to do things they haven’t previously.

I’m really excited about this product personally because I think some of the best creative work in our industry is being done by content providers. This will allow those companies to take proper advantage of their unique abilities. We’ve developed this initial version of Content Controller in conjunction with four customers, and the first of the deployments are live and have already delivered tens of thousands of launches. This is just the beginning.


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You might have heard that we like to take care of our employees by offering them things that most employers wouldn’t ever consider providing, and most employees wouldn’t dream of receiving.

beau jenafits car washWell, we did it again. This young man, Beau, washed and detailed all of our cars this week, courtesy of Rustici Software and Jenafits.

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I believe that we create such great products because we have an amazing company, not the other way around.

We talk a lot about SCORM, the Tin Can API, and the products that we make. We know these things well, and we enjoy talking to the world about them.

What we don’t talk about a lot (and this is changing) is who Rustici Software is and what it’s like to work here.

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All work and no play, well, that’s just not how we do things.

The first thing people usually learn about our company is that we work with e-learning standards like SCORM and the Tin Can API. The second thing that people tend to learn about us is that we have fun.

Rustici Pong ActionPart of the fun we have at the office revolves around ping pong — singles matches, doubles matches, inventing new variations of pong (we have one called “grand canyon pong”), and keeping track of our office rankings on the “Pong Ladder”.

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If you missed our post about Quack, you should check that out before digesting this post. This post is to tell you about one of the creations that came out of Quack.

SCORM Cloud has been the easiest way for you to get your own LRS, but its main use has been for launching Tin Can content packages and for testing Tin Can activities that live outside of the LMS.

This is how it used to be.



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