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Whew! Finally recovering from the holiday festivities and the small talk that seems to come along with it. Invariably when meeting new people, the stock question, “Where do you work?” comes up. We joke around here that this can be a loaded question. Some of us provide in-depth explanations of SCORM and Tin Can and that we create the software that handles these challenging, yet valuable standards. And others (me included) usually just keep it simple — “a software company in Cool Springs”. Either way, it’s not as easy to explain when talking to folks unfamiliar with the world of e-learning.

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There’s something that we like to do here at Rustici Software — make life easier by solving problems with software. This time around, it’s solving some Tin Can (xAPI) problems in SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud.

SCORM Engine and SCORM Cloud have been updated to v. 2013.2. I won’t list all of the updates in this post, but I’ll point out a few of the big ones.

scorm engine 2013.2

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My husband recently turned 44. I like to make him feel better about getting older by sharing things with him that are older than he is. You know one thing that’s older than 44? The cassette tape — it was actually born in 1962.

Even all of these years later, after CDs and iTunes have surpassed cassettes, there are just times when I want to hear those old mixtapes and Grateful Dead bootleg cassettes. Fortunately, my car has a tape player so I can still listen to them.

mobile scorm mlearningWhat does this have to do with SCORM? Well, remember when the Walkman was released? It changed how music was listened to. All of the sudden, you could take your music with you everywhere.

We did something pretty exciting and a bit curious recently. We created the “Walkman” of SCORM.

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mLearnCon 2013 is happening right now, and we thought this would be a good time to write about some related topics:

Mobile learning. M-learning. Native apps. Tablets. Smart phones. Offline e-learning. HTML 5.

These are all terms that we’ve been hearing a lot about in the e-learning community, but where do we really stand with all of these different things, especially when talking about trackable and standards-conformant learning?

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There are some deployment scenarios that SCORM makes difficult. One of them in particular is when you have content on one domain, and an LMS on a different domain. There are several solutions for this with varying merits, and all of them require effort of some sort. Further, cross domain solutions aren’t necessary in most cases. For these reasons, addressing “cross domain” scenarios is specifically excluded in some of our SCORM Engine licenses.

SCORM cross domain

Why the cross-domain limitation, and how can you get around it?

Basically, SCORM requires that content be served from the same domain as the LMS API. Browsers intentionally prevent the javascript in the content from communicating with the SCORM API if they originate from different domains. This is intentional on the part of the browser makers because it’s a security risk.

If you control both domains (content and LMS), then this security risk shouldn’t be a particular concern to you, but that’s not easy to convey to everyone’s browsers. There are several ways to deal with cross-domain situations, all of which have downsides.

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