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mLearnCon 2013 is happening right now, and we thought this would be a good time to write about some related topics:

Mobile learning. M-learning. Native apps. Tablets. Smart phones. Offline e-learning. HTML 5.

These are all terms that we’ve been hearing a lot about in the e-learning community, but where do we really stand with all of these different things, especially when talking about trackable and standards-conformant learning?

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If you missed our post about Quack, you should check that out before digesting this post. This post is to tell you about one of the creations that came out of Quack.

SCORM Cloud has been the easiest way for you to get your own LRS, but its main use has been for launching Tin Can content packages and for testing Tin Can activities that live outside of the LMS.

This is how it used to be.



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Last week I called my favorite bike shop to schedule a tune up. Unfortunately, they are lots of people’s favorite store, so the wait time was a bit longer than I would have liked — like 2 weeks too long. So, then we started talking about what I really needed. It turns out that it was just a couple of minor adjustments, which only take about an hour. They managed to fit me in the same day. WINNING!

Recently we had a customer that uses SCORM Cloud Dispatch ask us if there was a way to control how many people were accessing their course from the Client LMS. At the time there wasn’t — but you know what? It’s a great idea. So, we added some functionality that lets you set just how many users can access your course from a Client LMS. (See how it works here). Why did we add this? Because someone asked and it made sense for that customer and many others.

We love having these conversations because it helps us understand how people use our products and how we can make them more useful.

Lesson learned? It never hurts to ask. We’re listening and welcome the requests and feedback.  Send them our way!

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Several people have been asking us of late how we intend to charge for the Tin Can API/LRS component of SCORM Cloud. To be candid, we haven’t entirely figured out how we should charge for the standalone LRS capability found in SCORM Cloud. So, our thinking is this:

We’re going to wait a little while to figure that out, and during that time, externally-generated Tin Can statements will remain free. For example, statements that originate from our Tin Can bookmarklet will be stored at no cost.

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As my bio would suggest, I’m the office talker. I talk faster, louder and more frequently than everyone here in the office. This fact also explains why I get teased about my Southern accent, but that’s neither here nor there. If this was a “loudest laugh” contest, it would be a tie between Freddie and TJ. When it comes to talking, I take the cake.

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