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My husband recently turned 44. I like to make him feel better about getting older by sharing things with him that are older than he is. You know one thing that’s older than 44? The cassette tape — it was actually born in 1962.

Even all of these years later, after CDs and iTunes have surpassed cassettes, there are just times when I want to hear those old mixtapes and Grateful Dead bootleg cassettes. Fortunately, my car has a tape player so I can still listen to them.

mobile scorm mlearningWhat does this have to do with SCORM? Well, remember when the Walkman was released? It changed how music was listened to. All of the sudden, you could take your music with you everywhere.

We did something pretty exciting and a bit curious recently. We created the “Walkman” of SCORM.

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The Jenafits that you pick at Rustici Software can be pretty telling. My Jenafits profile is “Wellness + Internet.”

tammy jenafits

It’s no secret that I like to run, bike and swim — A LOT. So, when I heard that there was a Wellness Jenafit that can help offset the costs for my gym membership, coaching fees, race entries etc., I was super-psyched. Triathlon training can get expensive!

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Last week I called my favorite bike shop to schedule a tune up. Unfortunately, they are lots of people’s favorite store, so the wait time was a bit longer than I would have liked — like 2 weeks too long. So, then we started talking about what I really needed. It turns out that it was just a couple of minor adjustments, which only take about an hour. They managed to fit me in the same day. WINNING!

Recently we had a customer that uses SCORM Cloud Dispatch ask us if there was a way to control how many people were accessing their course from the Client LMS. At the time there wasn’t — but you know what? It’s a great idea. So, we added some functionality that lets you set just how many users can access your course from a Client LMS. (See how it works here). Why did we add this? Because someone asked and it made sense for that customer and many others.

We love having these conversations because it helps us understand how people use our products and how we can make them more useful.

Lesson learned? It never hurts to ask. We’re listening and welcome the requests and feedback. Send them our way!

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SCORM Cloud now works with DrupalBirthdays are fun around Rustici Software. We all get ice cream- and not just a scoop from a big bucket of vanilla or chocolate. Each person gets to order their very own combination from Cold Stone Creamery (shameless product placement for free ice cream). Given the choice, we each end up with a cup custom made just for each of us. Whether it’s Mike’s Cookie Doughn’t You Want Some™ with Cake Batter ice cream, or Jena’s choice (which usually entails her picking out some of the toppings she ordered), it’s a personalized cup that has the flavors and toppings for each taste.

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It’s the start of a new year and almost impossible to escape the idea of resolving to do something different (travel more!), better (exercise everyday!), or not at all (no more pizza!). Given our love of cookies and ice cream, chances are slim that diets are high on anyone’s list around here. So rather than focus on deleting things from our daily lives, we’ll take the ‘do something better’ angle.

First up in 2012 is adding some new features to SCORM Cloud.

SCORM Cloud does many things, but at its core, it delivers training. Until now, you could import courses, share them with learners and track the results. SCORM Cloud even lets you send your content to another LMS (but that’s another story).

We thought it would be kind of cool to include a couple of tools that let you add SCORM content within SCORM Cloud. Check out what we came up with:

ScoTube- -Want to use video in your training? ScoTube automagically wraps your video with all of the SCORMy stuff needed. You can use a video from YouTube, or upload your own video file. Either way, one click delivers a SCORM course that’s ready to play in SCORM Cloud. We’ll even let you export it to use outside of SCORM Cloud, if you really want to.

Quizzage- Need an easy-to-use tool that creates simple quizzes and surveys? Quizzage is just that. Create your questions (there are 5 types to pick from), set your scoring and learner feedback options, and you’re ready to go. You can deliver your quizzes right from SCORM Cloud. Or even export them from SCORM Cloud if you must.

So far, I have created quite a training curriculum for my friends and family- “How to Wash a Cat”, “Cha Cha Slide 101”, “Playing the Ukelele” and “Mastering Flip Turns”. Feel free to check them- just click on any of the titles, to go right to the training.

I also thought it might be fun to build a quiz to test your knowledge on some of the cool things SCORM Cloud can do. Try it here and see what you know.

Want to give it a try? Just go over to SCORM Cloud. In less than 5 minutes you can build your courses and even share them with your learners. And since it’s through SCORM Cloud, you can even build your own and try it out for free.

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